Intermediate Projects

These projects targets people who already have some basic knowledge of components. They will include projects that will be dealing with micro-controllers, sensors, and many more. These projects will take more than 30 minutes to accomplish.
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  • Binary Calculator
    Binary Calculator

    Since the very first invention of the logic gate in the 20th century, the constant development of such electronics has taken place and it is now one of the simplest yet fundamentally important electronic components in many different applications. The Binary Calculator will be able to take multiple bits as input and compute the summation and subtraction using various logic gates

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  • CNC 50mE Laser Engraver Installation and Setup
    CNC 50mE Laser Engraver Installation and Setup

    This guide will walk you through the assembly and set up of the CNC 50mW Laser Engraver. All parts used in this guide are included in the kit and some replacements parts can be purchased individually. All software used in this guide is freely available online.

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  • BattleDIP

    Using DIP switches, Flip Flops, XNOR, XOR, NOT, and AND gates to create a game similar to Battleships.

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  • Magnetic Railgun
    Magnetic Railgun

    The concept of a railgun consists of propelling a conducting object along 2 conducting rails due to a magnetic force and an electric force. The direction of the propelling force is due to electromagnetic fields called the Lorentz force.

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  • RF Remote Control Car
    RF Remote Control Car

    The RC car is a great project for all ages and it doesn’t require any programming. It uses simple integrated circuits (IC) and it is controlled wirelessly by a remote controller.

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