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Starting January 1st 2022, we will be following City of Vancouver's by-law of banning single-use plastic bag and will phase out white plastic bags for instore orders. Although our packaging bags for smaller components are wasteful plastics, they are exempt from Vancouver's strategic plan of reducing plastics and therefore we will continue to use them.

We will start to offer 40% recycled paper bags starting at $0.15 each in 2022 and increasing to $0.25 each in 2023 (before GST + PST)

We will charge a paper bag fee for the following:

  1. In-store purchases: there will be an option to purchase paper bags when you checkout.
  2. Online in-store pick up orders: there will be a mandatory $0.15 charge for packaging fee which will include 1 paper bag when you checkout starting January 1st.

We recommend bringing your own bags when you shop at our store to minimize waste that is produced by single-use plastics.

Lets work together to reach Vancouver's goal of zero waste by 2040!

For more information: please read City of Vancouver's letter & their Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy.

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