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Rejuvenates and conditions rubber. Apply with a cloth, brush, or swab to bring belts, platens, rollers, and rubber parts back to life.

  • Zero residue
  • Fast dry
  • Removes oxidation film
  • 100% Ozone safe

Rubber Renue works by causing the rubber cells of belts, platens and rollers to swell.  This swelling allows dirt, particles, and contaminants to be easily wiped away. Once the Rubber Renue has completely evaporated, the rubber cells shrink back to normal and the surface is refreshed and ready for service. 

Rubber Renue TM is a blend of highly volatile solvents.  These solvents should not be breathed or used within a non-ventilated environment. Clean parts in an outside environment or under adequate ventilation exhausted safely outside the building. 

The product performs best when used as follows:

  • Use gloves, and appropriate safety measures to prevent breathing fumes.
  • Take a clean dust free cloth and apply a small amount (just enough to dampen cloth) of Rubber Renue onto cloth surface
  • Apply portion of cloth dampened with Rubber Renue onto Platen, Roller, or belt and wipe until surface is clean.
  • Allow part to dry until the Rubber Renue has completely evaporated.

Store cloth in a sealed container after Rubber Renue TM has evaporated, until it can be washed or discarded. - See more at:


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