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CA$15.00 EACH

Model: BW-LY6
Backlight color: Blue
Operating voltage: 8-63V
Operating current: <5mA
Working temperature: 0 ~ 40¡ãC
Display area: 43 x 11mm
Dimensions: 57.5 x 20 x 16.5mm(L x W x H)

IN STOCK Quantity

Suitable for Lead-acid/Pb-acid battery of 12V/24V/36V/48V and 3 ~ 15 cells Lithium-ion battery(not for Lithium iron phosphate battery).
Applicable to kinds of instrumentation, measuring equipment, portable equipment, sweeping machine, etc.
Wide working voltage range: this battery monitor can tolerate DC 8-63V.
Low working power consumption and standby power consumption.
LCD display, super bright green back-light, easy and convenient to check the battery status.

How to adjust model: 
Press and hold the key on the back when turn off, then power on. Tester displays the present specification, then click key to adjust, select correct specification you need, then turn off and power on.

Specification code: 3C = 3 cells lithium battery, 4C = 4 cells lithium battery, 5C = 5 cells lithium battery and so on. 
1P = 12V Lead-acid battery, 2P = 24V Lead-acid battery, 3P = 36V Lead-acid battery, 4P = 48V Lead-acid battery

Package includes:
1 x Battery capacity tester
1 x 20cm 2-pin cable