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1. 30A relay module, normally open interface maximum load: AC 250V/30A, DV 30V/30A.

2. Optical connection isolation, driving ability is strong, stable performance; Trigger current is 5mA.

3. The unit can be set high level or low level trigger by jumper.

4. Power indicator (green), relay status indicator (red).

Technical details

Dimensions 50mm x33mm x24mm
Weight G.W 36g
Battery Exclude
Operating voltage 4.75V~5.25V
Working current 190mA
Switching Voltage 250VAC/30VDC
Switching Current 30A
Pull-In Voltage(Max) 3.75VDC
Switch on Time(Max) 15ms
Release Time(Max) 10ms
Operating Ambient Temperature -25~70°C

Module interface specification:

1. DC +: DC power supply positive pole

2. DC-: DC power supply negative pole

3. IN: signal trigger pin

4. JD+: relay control voltage positive

5. JD-: relay control voltage negative

6. DC+ and JD+ jumper cap, DC and JD short-circuit jumper cap, it is the same voltage trigger terminal and relay control terminal

7. High and low level trigger mode selection. Jumper and pinto L pin connection, pin to low level trigger jumper and H pin
connection, it is high level trigger

8. Normally Closed Pin (NC): Relay Normally Closed Pin

9. Common pin (COM): relay common pin

10. Normally open pin (No): Relay normally open pin