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Operating voltage: AC / DC100-240V

Delay range: T1, T2: 0.01 seconds to 99 hours and 59 minutes

Error: ≤0.3%

Opening: 45 × 45 mm

Contact: AC220V 3A (resistive) a group of normally open normally closed

A mode / E mode, single / cycle operation mode selection method (Please set before power on)
Open the door above the product, according to the actual need to set K1K2 switch.

LOW STOCK Quantity

Wiring diagram
Prior to power on, pre-set the relay operating mode, A or E, single or cycle mode. Such as A mode
Power, set the T1 and T2 time, start the end of the signal (if you do not need to start, 7 and 11 terminal
Sub-short), T1 start delay, T1 indicator flashes, when T1 arrives, run T2, while T2 indicates
When the T2 time is reached, if it is single mode, stop running,
To be re-run after power or reset, if the cycle mode, then start running T1 time, normally open contact break
Open, round and round work, E mode normally open contact action contrary.
In the process of running any time cut off the power supply is greater than 1 second or input reset signal, time is back to T1 = 0
State to restart timing.


Instructions for use and precautions
1, the power before the first preset relay working mode (A or E, single or cycle mode). (Please set before power-on and do not make a judgment after work.) Press actual
Need to set the start port shorted / not shorted to work mode, that 7 feet and 11 feet are connected.
2, T1 delay time, the first row shows the run value, the second row shows the T2 set value;
T2 delay, the first row shows the T1 set value, the second row shows the run value.
3. Press any key to display the T1 setting value. Press the key again to display the T2 setting value.
4, when T1, T2 any time is set to 0, the display Err, said the error.
5, set the time relay in operation, the output reset.