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LOW STOCK Quantity

Compact and light weight make it easy to carry, highly secure Lightweight stainless steel Pole.
Extendable up to 6 stages with fullyl adjustable extension.
Camera angle adjust up to 225? for versatility.
Adjustable clamp extends from 2.5in to 4.0in.
Designed to take better selfies with a touch of a button.

Device Mount holder: 2.5-4.0 inch
Retracted Length: 7.64 inch
Extended Length:27.6 inch
Compatible with: iOS, Android

How to Use:
Long press the remote button to power on, LED indicator will blink.
Search and pair with Bluetooth name " SelfieCom" on your cell phone, LED indicator will stop flashing after successfully connected.
The remote control will automatically shut down in 5mins if not paired.
The remote control will automatically sleep in 10 minutes without any operation and auto shuts down after another 10 minute if not awaken.
Long press the remote button to power off, LED indicator flashes 3 times then shut down.
(For Android phones only: set your volume Key function as capture in camera app setting for the selfie stick to work properly)

Package Included:
1 x Selfie Stick with Remote and battery built-in