AUDIO SPLITTER 1/4" (M) ST - 2X 1/4" (M) MONO 3FT
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  • AUDIO SPLITTER 1/4" (M) ST - 2X 1/4" (M) MONO 3FT

AUDIO CABLE 1/4" (M) ST - 2X 1/4" (M) MONO 3FT

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AUDIO SPLITTER 1/4" (M) ST - 2X 1/4" (M) MONO 3FT

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1 Meter (3ft) 1/4inch TRS Male to two 1/4inch TS Male Insert Cable

Connect your external effects processors to your mixing board with this 1/4" Insert Cable from Lee's Electronic!

Insert cables are used for creating a real-time effects loop by connecting a channel insert on an audio mixing board to an external effects processor with 1/4" unbalanced connections. Connect the TRS plug into the "insert" jack of your mixing board. The tip of the jack is a send (sending a mono signal to an external effects professor) and the ring is the return (returning a mono signal from the external effects processor back into the mixing board).

This cable can also be used to split an unbalanced stereo signal into two unbalanced mono signals, or to combine two mono signals into a single stereo signal.

This cable is constructed with two 26 AWG conductors and copper braid shielding. The TS connectors are color coded gray and red and feature knurled grips so you can insert and extract the plugs with ease.