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Small General-purpose Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Power Supply

Built-in amplifier accepts wide supply voltage range.

Slim, space-saving construction measures only 50x 50 x 17.4 mm.

Relay outputs with long life expectancy and high switching capacity .

Polarized retroreflective type available for glossy or shiny object detection.

LOW STOCK Quantity

Characteristic parameter:

DC Relay Output Type

Model:Light-ON mode

Polarized light beam: No

Sensing distance: 4m ± 15%

Power supply voltage:12 to 24V DC±10% 50/60 Hz

Current consumption: 2 W max.

Control output: Relay output SPDT, (cosφ= 1) 5 V DC, 10 mA min

Response time (ON OFF): 30ms max

Detection of target: Opaque objects

Turn on delay: 1.5ms

Light source: Infrared light 660nm

Indicators: Light (red)

Allow impulse and vibration: B ≤ 30g, T ≤ 11ms, F ≤ 55Hz, A ≤ 1mm

Sensitivity: Fixed

Detection range adjustment: Sensitivity regulator

Ambient temperature range: Operating:-25℃ to 55℃,Storage:-30℃ to 70℃(with no icing or condensation)

Ambient humidity range: Operating:45% to 85%(with no condensation),Storage:35% to 95%(with no condensation)

Insulation resistance: DC500Ω between the charging part and the shell

Material: Shell: Aluminum die-cast ABS  Detection surface (lens): PMMA

Protection construction: IP67 (IEC specification)

Package included:
1 X E3JK-R4M1 (DC type)Photoelectric Sensor Switch
1 x E39-R1 Reflector

1 x Mounting Bracket(provided with two M4 x 20 screws)