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Product Description

The balance board is suitable for  the li-ion battery pack,so as to  equalizing charge lithium battery charge function, make the battery pack into series charge at the same time.


Note:The balancing board must need BMS to use together,and the BMS is without balancing function



Balance Voltage for each single cell: 4.2V

Balance current for each single cell :68mA

Size: 26X20.5X2.4mm

Balancer is just a Auxiliary function, The balancing means when the battery charging,each series battery need with the same voltage.when one cell voltage get 4.2V ,the other cells not, the first cell voltage will discharge to wait the other cells rising to the same level.


1.This balancing board can be applied for no-balanced charging function lithium battery pack to increase the function and let all the batteries can be fully charged at the same time.
2.This balancing board has no function of charging and discharging protection function,and it can not replace protection board.When it is nearly fully charged,discharge the firstly fully charged by resistor and functions like shunt and balancing

IN STOCK Quantity

4.2V Charging Voltage,68mA Charging Current;

Soldering Point Introduction:
1.B5+:connect with battery pack positive
2.B4+:connect with the joint between battery 4 and battery 5
3.B3+:connect with the joint between battery 3 and battery 4
4.B2+:connect with the joint between battery 2 and battery 3
5.B1+:connect with the joint between battery 1 and battery 2
6.B-:connect with battery pack negative