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The wireless bluetooth barcode scanner can be integrated into many computer systems.
This wireless bluetooth barcode scanner has the advantages of easy operation and low error rate.
Powerful decoding function, which realizes that the barcode scanner can read codes better and faster in many places, such as warehouse, supermarket, hotel, department, barcodes and so on.
This wireless bluetooth barcode scanner can be set easily when being used, and get rid of the trouble about complicated set of some barcode scanner in the current places, and be mastered easily by the user. 

Charged by USB Cable. 
Use time: Approx 10 hours
Charge time: Approx 3 hours
Full charge indicator: Indicator is green.
Wireless & handheld, very convenient and portable to use.
It can be used with computer, tablet and smart phone.
Supporting USB interface.
Support System: Win7/Win8/Win 10/ XP/ Vista /iOS/Andriod.

Frequency: Bluetooth Charging supply: 5V-500mA Distance: 10m Standby: zero standby storage: 64K=2000 bar code Battery: 3.7V-1500mAh Scanner parameters: Scanning type : bi-directional Light source: 650nm LD CPU: ARM 32-bit Cortex Trigger Mode: Button, Auto-Induction Printing Contract: >25% Indication: Buzzer & LED Resolution : 3.3mil Scanning width: 30cm Decoding speed: 260scans/sec Bit error rate:1/5millon ,1/20million Depth 

Bluetooth Pair instruction:
PS: Be sure the scanner is set to UART mode
Press button the scanner starts, BT module self-checking when red light flashing, Self-check complete then red light off.
Long press button or scanned ?Math ?Settings, blue light and red flashing at the same time which means in matching mode
Choose the scanner is going to pair with the device ,after connection Successful ,scanner start to beep twice with blue light on ,red light off .

Connect the scanner to USB cable to charge, When charging the green light, Charging complete green light off.

Package Included:
1 x Bluetooth barcode scanner
1 x USB Cable
1 x Bluetooth USB Dongle (for desktop computer)