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  • 12V operation
  • 350 GPH
  • 1.5A motor
  • ¾" barbed outlet
  • 3ft long wire leads
LOW STOCK Quantity

The SEAFLO mini water pump has a heavy duty 12V, 1.5Amp motor and a tough thermoplastic body. It’s totally submersible and water-cooled (but it won’t burn out if run dry). Use this pump to make a fountain or waterfall, even water your plants!

The ¾" connection will accept a 19mm ID hose. It comes pre-terminated with heavy gauge unterminated 3ft long wire leads.

Dimensions of Liquid Pump

The dimensions of the Liquid Pump:

Another tech had measured the dimensions of the pump:

Blue base diameter = 61.23 mm

Red top diameter = 57.82mm

Height = 107.78mm

Output tube diameter = 20.14mm

Output tube height at tallest point = 29.03

Output tube height at shortest point = 21.09mm

Height  4.25" (108mm)
Width 3.57" (90.7mm)
Round Footprint 2.77" (70.4mm)
volts DC 12 VDC
Max Amps 1.5 amps
Hose Size 3/4" (19mm)
Fuse Size 2 amps
Rated at 12 Volts
Head Flow 0'

350 GPH (1324 LPH)

Head Flow 3' 220 GPH (832 LPH)