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VICTOR VC3165 Precision Frequency Counter frequency meter digital cymometer 0.01Hz-2.4GHz 2 Input Channels AC/DC coupling 8-digit

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Product Description

All functions in VC3165 depend on a single CPU. A crystal-controlled temperature circuit provides a constant compensation for temperature change, thus reducing measurement errors typically caused by temperature drift. The Channel B (CH. B) input has an attenuator (x1, x20), AC/DC coupling for a low-pass filter,Frequency, period and equal-precision measuring.

This intelligent frequency counter is a high-resolution multi-functional frequency meter based on microprocessor. It includes frequency measuring, period measuring and equal-precision measuring function. 
With wide frequency range from 0.01 Hz to 2.4 GHz. Continuously varying gate time from 100ms to 10s.
Frequency, period and equal-precision measuring with 8 digit LED display.
3 grade of function selections: working state display, unit display and 8 digit LED display.
Continuously adjustable gate time and ultra-low frequency equal-precision measurement. 
Input attenuator, AC/DC coupling selection and automatic thermostatic crystal frequency standard.


Brand Name: VICTOR
Material: ABS
Channel A Frequency Measurement Range: 0.01Hz~50MHz
Channel B Frequency Measurement Range: 50MHz~2.4GHz 
Resolution: ±(2×10-5+3)
Channel A Period Measurement Range: 0.02uS~10S
Channel B Period Measurement Range: 0.5nS~0.02uS
Period Measurement Range: 0.5nS~10S
Gate Time Range: Continuously Variable, from 100ms to 10s
Attenuator Attenuation: 20dB
Input Impedance: 1MΩ
Display: 8 Digit, 19X12.5mm LED with Steps, Frequency, Period, kHz/s and MHz/ ms, Indicator
Precision: Standard Time Error(t) * Frequency(f)±1d
Power Supply: 220V/110V±10%, 50Hz or 60Hz±10% (Switchable, Please select correct Voltage before connecting the power line)
Preheat Time: 20 Minutes
Item Size: 215 * 245 * 100mm / 8.5 * 9.6 * 3.9in
Package Size: 29.5 * 29 * 15cm / 11.6 * 11.4 * 5.9in



Package Listing:

1 x VC3165 Frequency counter

1 x Power cord

1 x Test probe with BNC type connector